Yard Aeration Service

What is Aeration?

A lawn specialist will begin by removing small plugs of turf, thatch, and soil.

By exposing the deeper layers of your lawn, nutrients are fed back to your lawn’s root system in the same way that pruning a tree helps it grow stronger.

Why is Aeration necessary?

Aeration helps expose the soil to nutrients and fresh air that it might otherwise be lacking.

Thatch is a layer of organic matter that is between the green grass and the soil underneath. Too much thatch (more than ½ inch) can create ideal conditions for lawn insects and diseases to thrive, hindering the look and feel of your lawn. Breaking through the layer of thatch helps create and maintain healthy grass roots.

Benefits of aeration: 

  • Better air exchange
  • Improved nutrient absorption
  • More efficient water usage
  • Thicker turf
  • Enhanced thatch breakdown
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