Tree and Shrub Care Services

Tree and Shrub Evaluation

We begin by inspecting trees and shrubs for indicators of health such as dead spots, signs of pests, and the overall health of your trees and shrubs.

Once our specialists know the starting health of your lawn, they can then create and recommend a care plan that specifically addresses these concerns as well as identifies potential future problems.


Fertilization is essential part of an ongoing plan for a healthy and lively lawn.

If the soil in which they live is lacking in essential nutrients, not only will your trees not grow to be as healthy as possible, but it’s also more likely to fall victim to diseases and pests. Regular fertilization service not only gives your trees the nutrients it needs to reach its full potential, but also equips it to better prevent future issues.

Disease and Insect Control

Our specialists look for spotting on leaves of trees and shrubs and other signs of disease damage.

Our specialists are experts in identifying diseases in several types of trees such as Pine, Elm, Dogwood, Maple tree varieties, Cherry, Ash, Willow, Magnolia, and many others. The methods we use are environmentally friendly while still aggressive in eliminating your lawn of pests.

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Lawn Care

Get out the most from your yard.

Lawn Pest Control

Stop and prevent damage done by pests.

Yard Aeration

Make the most of your lawn treatments.